YAGI Dry Carbon Front Wheel Spats - Honda S2000

YAGI Dry Carbon Front Wheel Spats - Honda S2000

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Optimize every bit of front aero by diverting air away from your wheels. These wheel spats mount on the back edge of your bumper and run up towards the fender. Made from 12K carbon, they are stiff and durable, but just flexible enough to work with OEM, Voltex, ASM, RF Yamamoto, and Sorcery Bumpers (may fit more, but those have been tested.)


Note: Dry Carbon items come pre-prepped for paint. There is NO clear coat on them so it is recommended that they need to be cleared or painted.

We use pre-impregnated carbon material (Pre-preg) that has the resin system already coating the fibers. It is then autoclave cured in house for maximum compaction of the fibers and minimal surface imperfections. So there is as much as a 70% difference in weight and 45% difference of strength between the our carbon and the competitor's.