YAGI Dry Carbon Front Brake Ducts - Honda S2000 AP2 04-09

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Developed and track tested on our S2000. We used 12K carbon fiber providing extreme rigidity and durability. When coupled with 2.5" NACA ducting hose and our upcoming carbon rotor shields, your braking temps during track use drop drastically. We prefer to mount with silicone, but some users have drilled hole and bolted / riveted these in place.

Can be mounted in front or behind bumper with ease. Personal preference.


We use pre-impregnated carbon material (Pre-preg) that has the resin system already coating the fibers. It is then autoclave cured in house for maximum compaction of the fibers and minimal surface imperfections. So there is as much as a 70% difference in weight and 45% difference of strength between the our carbon and the competitor's.